Registration - Supplier / Subcontractor Registry

Thank you for deciding to register your company with URS as a potential Supplier and/or Subcontractor. On the following pages you will be asked to provide some basic information about your company. You will then create a unique password which will allow you to enter the registry as well as update or modify your company profile.

Note: If your company has multiple locations, each location is required to register separately and provide all mandatory information for that location.

Information Requested

Because much of the level 2 and level 3 fields requested profile information may not be immediately available to you, we suggest you click the link below to get a printable list of the requested profile information for you to use to internally collect the information prior to beginning registration.

As indicated by the level descriptions, the more company profile information provided by you the better the potential for your company being chosen as a resource.

There are three levels of profile information questions (Fields) in the registry that will be requested regarding your company. These are:

Level 1 - Required Fields - Indicated by *

Completion of these mandatory fields is necessary in order to register.

Level 2 - Highly Recommended Optional Fields - indicated by 2

Completion of these fields is optional, but highly recommended as the information allows URS to pre-screen a company as a project resource. Preference is given to these potential resources when resource searching for a specific project.

Level 3 - Suggested Optional Fields - indicated by 3

Completion of these fields is also optional, but recommended as the information allows URS to perform much of the pre-qualification of the company for a specific project need. Further preference is given to these potential resources when resource searching for a specific project.

Help Text

Holding the cursor over certain text or a field in the registry will provide help text to further define the information needed or additional instructions.


The information you provide in this registry, unless said information is already in the public domain, will be treated as company proprietary by URS and used for internal URS business purposes only.

Ready to Begin Registration?

URS expects each company supplier or subcontractor to be registered and have company profile information in the registry database only once. To control this we identify each registered firm by their Federal Tax or VAT Tax as applicable. Therefore, please have this number available to continue the registration process. If your company is located in a country not utilizing such numbers, insert N/A in field.

Separate registrations should be made for a company's parent company or any subsidiary companies which have different tax numbers.

If you are ready to register, please click the BEGIN REGISTRATION button below.